Tuesday, October 5, 2010

boobs babes cartier jewlery



i think ashley smith is a total babe. i like how she looks kind of inbred or something. plus she's got those big boobs. sexy. freaking maría félix. ahh i love her. i wanna make something similar to that necklace. hers is by cartier and apparently she went into the store with her pet baby crocodile and had them make her a necklace. it comes apart to turn into bracelets. she also had bracelets made after her pet snake. old cartier jewelry is seriously so cool. it's crazy decadent and intricate. there's a book i found at the library that goes through the history of cartier and they were way ahead of their time. liiike how they made the first wristwatch. i'm kind of fascinated by how some brands were able become "luxury" brands. i also love the idea of heirlooms but now i'm getting into some other topic... i do know that the day i come in to any money the one thing i will buy myself is cartier panthére ring.