Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Duane Michals & Lindsay Lohan

i had a dream with duane michals but it didn't even look like him. he was a white guy but i dunno...nothing stood out. it was him though, we had a conversation that i can't remember but when i woke up i realized he had talked to me. in the same dream there were see-through dresses covered with small buttons that kept them together. they were beautiful but worn by tv celebrities. i remember lindsay lohan had one on and all of these women were in a giant ballroom and they all sat down and i told them they had to prove to me that they were indeed evil.
haha weird.

here's a another weird thing:
“While wandering in Arcadia, I chanced to meet myself as a young man. He asked me if I knew the things in life he should pursue. I thought then answered as best I could. If I were young again and you, I would will my mind to always be free for truth flourishes in freedom, and it is the root of integrity. The search for truth flourishes in unfettered serendipity’s surprise. Stay free to risk the possibilities of life. Be free of the fear of failure, since true failure is to be afraid to fail. Remember now never happens twice, and fate is never late. Free yourself from the want of things, and find happiness in nothing, for only nothing lasts. Life is a great question, but no question can be answered till it is asked. That is your task, to free your curiosity and ask of me impossible questions, whose answers can be seen in the twilight of my imagination’s dreams, where I invent the meaning of everything.”-Duane Michals

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