Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Michele Manceaux: 'You left a house full of love at the age of 15. Why ?'

Lou : 'Since I was a child, I've always had complex relationships with people.My mother lead a very public life.She raised me being very close to me.My father wasn't jealous of Serge (Gainsbourg) but I think that Serge wanted her all for himself.As a child , I must have told myself : 'Ok either I accept the fact that there are love relationships coming in every way and form in this family, either I completely reject love'.I chose to accept love in all of its forms.My mother was crazy in love with her father, her brother,of Serge.She was talking about him 24h a day but was still living with my father.On the other hand, Serge was there every night.My mother was constantly excusing herself for being with my father and in a certain way of having me.I've always felt that I was associated to something that could have hurt Serge, whom I actually loved.I felt fragile and I also adored my father.I had to be careful not to hurt anyone.My mother was living in a sort of state of innocence, she was the little girl and we had to find our own place.'

Michele Manceaux : 'Did you want to be your mother's only girl ?'

Lou : 'I found my way. I was the 'joker', I would make people laugh.The mysterious one was Charlotte.The creative one was Kate.The one that was more beautiful and funny than the others was my mother.The one that would remain silent and would eat 'Lexomil' was my father.The one that would dominate everything was Serge.I didn't suffer of not finding my place.Actually, I found one, under the table , with the dog Betty.I used to spend my life under the table listening to what they were saying and when things didn't go well, I would get out of it to play my role, to make them laugh.'

Michele Manceaux : 'For you, what was love ?'

Lou : 'I was crazy about my mother.I also had this kind of sacred love for my father because there was a lot of loneliness around him.My mother could isolate him, and Serge was all over the place.'

Michele Manceaux : 'How did your mother succeeded in never being hated by anyone ?'

Lou : 'You can't reproach her anything because she is sincere.She likes to be appreciated but she also really likes to give.One day, after she had left for a humanitarian mission during months without giving us any news, she told me that 'People there needed her more than I needed her'.I was a child and it was terrible, but she was right.'

Michele Manceau : 'So you started to live on your own..'

Lou : 'Yeah I left and lived in a room just above her apartment.And my father would remain my friend.I respect him more than anyone.We don't really talk to each other but I like his silence.What I like about my mother is her presence, her smell, her arms around me, I find it relaxing.'

M.M : 'After having had complex family relationships, what is your conception of love ?'

Lou : 'I' m seeking for a moral and intellectual (for want of a better word) union.Not specifically implying a physical relationship, but someone, even just a friend whom I can work and create something with.I'm full of passion even though I'm fully aware that passion hurts.I'm more solitary than my mother, and the idea of living with someone terrifies me.'

M.M : 'What is your current (love) situation ?'

Lou : 'I have a 5 y old son.Complete success on that side.In love, I've only had competition issues.I'd like to be in a love relationship where the two of us are working on it.'

M.M : 'Is physical love also an adventure ?'

Lou : 'Yes, I'm very carnal.In that field, I didn't inherete from my mother's English side.Neither did she ! Well, I'm not afraid of kissing, taking someone in my arms.I touch people a lot ! '

M.M : When you're on your own at 15, you tend to meet sadistic people, to encounter stange situations..'

Lou : 'Well I did meet some lunatics but with no damage in the end.With my first great love, Robinson Stevenin , it was very intense.We had an artistic relationship, we spend out time having walks, drawing, we were like two children, but we were already working.We were a couple in an apartment.Then, we made each other suffer.It's not one person making the other suffer, things happen and it gets more complicated.What am I seeking for ? Why ? I'm the one who has to ponder on this.I don't want to see myself as a victim.I can't see anyone I love acting like a victim , shying away from their responsbilities.Even coming from my mother, I wouldn't accept it.

M.M :Are you still in good terms with Marlowe's father ?'

Lou : 'Yes,I've always suffered of having had parents who wouldn't talk to each other.I was raised with a lot of love but in a family that hated my father.I once became hateful.'

M.M : 'Being an adult , can you still reproach anything to your parents ?'

Lou : 'I always see the people of my generation running to see a shrink , trying to analyze everything.It makes me laugh, I mean, how would it help me to whine about the fact that my mother once said on tv, when I was 9, that her only love was Serge and that her most amazing daughter was Charlotte ?
I could be in a funny farm by now. At one point, you have to let it go.I've had respect and protection , when I wanted to leave at the age of 15, they let me go.Even now, we talk to each other twice a day, we're constantly on the phone all of us (she means Kate, Charlotte and Jane).'

M.M : 'Did you get a lot of relationships since you were 15 ?'

'Three love relationships and two short 'adventures'.I'm very faithful.What I like about my relationship with Marlowe's father is that we know each other by heart.Flirting makes me anxious.Starting all over with someone who doesn't know who you are is tiring.All the men that have counted in my love life have started to be my friends.I like it when it's not granted.Like most people,I always fall in love with the person that isn't looking at me.I'm an actress, so I can't say that I don't like to be appreciated but I also like to stay on my own at home with no one looking after me.'

M.M : 'What do you find erotic in a man ?'

Lou : 'Nonchalance.In the way they dress, their attitude.That doesn't mean that I like dirty,flithy men but more original, more composed.I find it erotic that a man doesn't feel in competition that he could be inspired by an idea,a creation in his own world.That he wants me to take a part in its creative process is erotic to me.'